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  • Wheel bearings are simply a set of steel balls kept in place by a metal ring and their job is to enable the wheel to spin with as little friction as possible.

    Wheel bearings enable wheels on a car to spin freely and stay secured to the car. Cars have four wheel bearings, one located at each wheel. If the wheel bearings wear out, you will feel the wheels and steering wheel shake, most of the time you will hear a noise.

    There are two kinds of wheel bearing designs:

    • the bearings can be serviced by taking them apart, cleaning them, and re-packing them with fresh grease
    • the wheel bearing is of a “sealed” design that requires no service other than replacement when found to be defective.


    • Grinding, squealing, or abnormal noise from tires when you drive.
    • Steering wheel shakes when you drive the car.
    • If wheel bearing is locked up, the wheel will not easily move forward.

    If you notice any of these symptoms bring your car or truck into The Tranny Clinic in Quincy, Illinois and let our experts take a look at it!

    How important is this service?

    Wheel bearings allow the wheels to spin freely and at the desired speed and responsible for keeping the wheels attached to the vehicle. As the bearings begin to wear out or become damaged, they impact the wheels ability to spin smoothly, freely, and securely and you should be aware of this. When this happens your vehicle will become shaky, and your wheels will not be secure. At that time you should pay us a visit and let us take care of that for you.


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