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    Rebuilding or replacing your transfer case? The Tranny Clinic Quincy Illinois should be your first choice when having this repair done.

    Transfer cases & drive shafts vary depending on your car’s make and model. Be sure that a skilled expert is working on your vehicle.

    Transfer cases make sure you have power available for both front and rear axles of your vehicle. It takes the power from the transmission and transfers it to both the front and rear axle through 2 different drive shafts.

    Periodically these need to be serviced by draining the fluid and replacing with fresh fluid to ensure continued use. Leaks and cracks should also be inspected and fixed if found. The fluid inside your vehicle's transfer case cools and lubricates the gears, chains, shafts, bearing and other various parts. Sometimes bits of metal or metal flakes wear and contaminate the fluid and also accelerating wear on the transfer case.

    Properly & regularly servicing your transfer case will keep it in top condition, lasting longer and saving you money.

    Take your vehicle to an experienced transmission repair company such as The Tranny Clinic.

    To get an estimate on your transfer case maintenance or repair, stop by The Tranny Clinic or give us a call to schedule an appointment: (217) 221-220



    Signs of a faulty Transfer Case:

    • Hearing strange noises occurring when driving at certain speeds or when shifting gears.
    • Unusual noises coming from the front of your car in colder weather can mean you need more lubrication. (Transfer case fluid should be checked every time you get an oil change.)
    • Difficulty shifting gears or it kicks out of gear at random while in motion.

    Typical Transfer Case Service:

    • Inspection of the transfer case & drive shaft.
    • Removal, repair & replacement of the gears, bearings, gaskets, seals, and transfer case chain in the transfer case.
    • Replacement/flush of fluids