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    What exactly is a CV Axle? It is the component that delivers power from the engine to the wheels, has six balls inside a CV Joint that acts as a universal that allows extreme movement while delivering smooth rotational energy. AKA it makes your vehicle move!

    The most important part of CV axle maintenance is inspection of the protective boots.

    CV Axle can go bad in 2 different ways.

    1. Grease can leak out of the protective boot, causing the joint to go dry, loose lubricate and lock up and vibrate.
    2. Complete breakage and the car stops moving

    Pretty serious stuff right?

    If joints have gone a long time without lubricant you may need to replace the entire axle. Sometimes, depending on what vehicle you drive, the entire shaft will have to be replaced. Making servicing  your vehicles CV Axle an important part of your maintenance routine.

    Consult a certified technician, The Tranny Clinic, any time when you notice irregularities with your vehicle.

    To get an estimate on your CV Axle, stop by The Tranny Clinic or give us a call to schedule an appointment: (217) 221-220