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  • Universal Joint Replacement & Repair Service

    Universal joints are often referred to as U-Joints. These are flexible couplings that are important to your vehicle. In rear drive vehicles, a driveshaft is needed for the tires to rotate. The driveshaft transfers the power from the transmission to the rear tires, enabling them to turn.

    U-Joints hold the drive shaft in place.

    Clicking, squeaking or grinding noises while driving are something to be concerned about and may indicate that your u-joints may require replacement. Do NOT ignore these early warnings  signs , as the cost of replacing your u-joints can be cheaper than major repairs that can happen if you choose to ignore them.

    In most cases u-joints fail from lack of lubrication. They are a critical linking component and should be flexible enough to compensate for angle & alignment changes between the driveshaft and differentials. Many original u-joints are sealed, some aftermarket u-joints  are greasable and should be lubricated on schedule.

    A mechanic should lubricate the U-joints during regular maintenance service. Doing so will greatly improve the life of the U-joints..

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    Some signs you may need to replace your u-lines:

    • Vibration felt throughout the car and seats. Also felt when you speed up or let off the gas pedal.
    • Abnormal noises coming from underneath the car, such as squeaking at low speeds.
    • Red or pink fluid on the ground (transmission fluid is leaking).
    • The car clunks when put into gear